April Newsletter

Happy Spring!

Our theme for this month is Spring.  Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice so we can enjoy more outdoor play.  Also, please remember to label jackets and hats!  

Concepts we will be working on this month:
* Identify objects and pictures that are related to spring ~ rainbow, sun, frog, bird, worm, basket, kite, watering can, turtle, flower, dirt, and duck
* Simulate the weather ~ rain, wind, sun
* Identify big and little objects as well as pictures
* Identify prepositions ~ in, on, under, in front of, behind
* Read books ~ Little White Duck, Five Little Ducks, The Happy Bee, When Will It Be Spring?, What Will the Weather Be Like Today?

Activities Planned:
* Make and eat ‘dirt’ cups with gummy worms.
* Sensory play with water and ducks, paper grass, dirt, and sand.
* Paint with brushes, feathers, eyedroppers, bottles, hands, and feet.
* Glue with cotton balls and tissue paper.
* Hop like a bunny, crawl like a caterpillar, wiggle like a worm, waddle like a duck and jump like a frog.
* Take a spring walk.

Important Dates to Remember
Spring Break ~ The center will be closed April 9 ~ April 13

The Toddler Team