2015 Program Outcomes

At St. Francis Children’s Center we are committed to providing high quality, relevant programming.  To this end, we have established systems to measure the quality and effectiveness of the programs and services we provide. We are proud to share those results below.

To view the most recent reported outcomes for each program, follow the links provided above.

What our families are saying…


“We are so THANKFUL for all of the wonderful things that you do every day for all of the children at SFCC.  We are so lucky that Jack is able to learn and play with such wonderful people.  Thank you for all you do.”


“Thank you for all you have done this year. Irene has come a long way and you have been a large part of that.  St. Francis Children’s Center was a life saver and we can never say thank you enough.”


“This program has kept our child from falling through the cracks. She is thriving more than we ever could have expected.”


“You have helped me improve my skills in learning more about autism and how to help my son.”


"The level of education of the teachers and the care and consideration put into making the most of each child’s daily experience.”


“We love the staff at St. Francis Children’s Center. Everyone is genuinely concerned about the growth and well-being of each individual child. I am amazed at how much my child learns in one week.”


“For both my children, St. Francis Children’s Center prepared them extremely well for public school 5K.  They both made a seamless transition and were ready for the challenges of 5K.  In some cases I almost feel like they are repeating a year because there are very few things they have in 5K that they didn’t already do in 4K at St. Francis Children’s Center.


“Sophia was more than prepared for K5 academically and socially.  She loves school and is reading well.  We loved St. Francis and how wonderful all the teacher, staff and volunteers were to Sophia and our whole family.  I recommend it highly to anyone.